Our Team

Lourival Franchi Filho ​

E-mail: lourival@jaguarcontabil.com.br

Accounting Technician Profª Alcina Dantas Feijão (S.C. do Sul, 1998);
Bachelor of Legal Sciences (USCS, São Paulo, 2003);
MBA in Business Management (FGV, São Paulo, 2020);

Tax Director

Accountant licensed by the Regional Accounting Council of the State of São Paulo (CRC/SP) and Bachelor’s Degree in Legal Sciences.

Since 1997 working in the Accounting, Fiscal and Human Resources areas. Throughout his career he has obtained solid knowledge in different business segments, but with a focus on Metallurgy Industries and Electrical and Pharmaceutical Material Distributors, services in general, among others. Extensive experience in these segments with technical and precise analysis in relation to the major difficulties of incidences of taxes, also has solid knowledge in the federal tax area, refund and compensation of taxes, which allows easy integration between the accounting and tax teams of the BPO and customers.

Leonardo Franchi​

E-mail: leonardo@jaguarcontabil.com.br

Bachelor of Business Administration (FSA, São Paulo, 2004);
MBA in Financial Management and Capital Markets (FGV, São Paulo, 2021);

Chief Financial and Corporate Officer

Administrator qualified by the Regional Administration Council of the State of São Paulo (CRA/SP).

Accumulated experience of over 25 years in the business consulting area, playing a major role as intermediator of commercial business, follow-up and development of financial cash flow. Administratively represents foreign companies as an attorney-in-fact resident in Brazil.

During these years he advised several medium and large companies of various segments, accumulating a great experience in conflict resolution, cost control, business expansion and auditing.

In the corporate area, he participated in the opening and legalization of more than 300 companies, in mergers, spin-offs, joint ventures, holding companies, and dissolution of companies.

Specialized in the tax area of Income Tax for Individuals, Brazilians and foreigners, acting directly in the preparation of annual adjustment statements, directing and providing guidance advice.

Cynthia Fernandes

E-mail: cynthia@jaguarcontabil.com.br

Bachelor in Accounting and Actuarial Science (FSA, São Paulo, 2004);
MBA in Tax Management (USCS, São Paulo, 2012);
MBA in IFRS International Standards (FGV, São Paulo, 2022);

Accounting director and labor calculation

More than 23 years of experience managing the accounting area of large companies, including multinationals, working in the application of accounting standards, in the closing of annual financial statements and performing tax planning for companies in various segments.
In the labor area, she manages the fulfillment of the employer’s obligations before the labor and social security legislation, seeking solutions and directing the adequate treatment of possible conflicts with the internal collaborators in the companies.
Specialist in the execution and data crossing of federal and labor accessory obligations (DIRF, DCTF, SPED Accounting, ECF, GFIP, RAIS and E-Social).
Responsible for the search for new resources and implementation of technological innovations linked to the area of Information Technology and Informatics.

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