We offer comprehensive accounting services for entities of all sizes, from start-ups to large groups.

Our service is provided by a team of experienced professional accountants with the operational supervision of the partners responsible for each area.

Among the services provided we highlight the following:

Corporate Income Tax (CIT)

Our tax team will be responsible, among others, for the following subjects:

Indirect taxes and withholding taxes

Our tax team will be responsible for, among others, the following issues:

Indirect taxes:

Withholding taxes:


We offer solutions for payroll and labor calculations, highlighting below the main services:

Financial BPO

We offer Financial BPO solutions, highlighting below the main services:

Special projects

Opening, regularization and closing of companies

We perform all services related to the legalization of companies with municipal, state, and federal agencies for national and international companies established or intending to establish themselves in Brazil.

Our services include:

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